There, where we – there success!

Designing, construction, mending of railroads, flyovers, industrial buildings
and structures, asphalting and concreting of platforms,
organizing of rubber moving.

1. We take performance of not typical tasks.

2. Our services are economical and reliable.

3. We carry out works from the first steps to handing in exploitation.

4. It’s very convenient with us, we can be trusted,
we’ll give professional advise to Customer in all kind initiatives.

5. We’ll find a possibility to thank you for placing your order with us.

6. We give a guarantee and we remove all shortcomings exposed at exploitation.

7. If Customer wishes, we’ll take executed site on the flowing keeping.

External mission of the company
To help the Customer to solve not a specific task
by force of the highly skilled experts.

The purpose of the company
We performance works from the first steps
and before delivery of object in exploitation.

Subject of activity of the company

  • Research, designing, construction of railroads,
    construction of the flyovers, organizing of under crane ways;
  • Mending of all kind of railroads;
  • Drawing up of the technical passport, instructions
    on submission and cleaning of railway carriages.
  • Industrial and civil construction:
  • All rinds of repairing and furnishing works;
  • Designing and erection of superstructures?
    Buildings and structures of transport construction.
  • Engineering of service:
  • Development of technological processes, receptions and ways.

Conditions of reception of he profit
We performance works with the minimal costs and for
the account of purchases of materials from the manufacturer.

5. Philosophy of the competition
à) Our services are economic and reliable;
á) Ability of performance of not typical tasks;
â) We perform the job so, that we’ll be invited once again;
â) We’ve got many opportunities.

Internal mission of the company
The purpose: achievement in the market
significant situation for the account:

  • Creations and development of professional potential of stuffs
  • High unity and self-feedback of all members of the stuff

Internal values of the company

  • Aspiration of all participants of business to achievement
    of a professional recognition, popularity, leading situation.
  • Creating of conditions for creativity,
    creation and self-expression in work activity.
  • Formation of a favorable climate, good human mutual relation.
  • Achievement of harmony and healthy image in activity of the company.
  • Creation of interest of all participants in the profit of business.
  • Purposeful promotion of the workers, who is able to take
    the responsibility, to raise the qualification and productivity of work.
  • Creation of system of payment and stimulation of work is adequate to expenses and results of work of the stuff.

The organizational culture is shown:

  • In business culture (ethics of business dealing),
    attitudes with the partners.
  • In firm style of business papers, letters, folders and cards.
  • In culture of mutual relation of the stuff as inside
    the company and so with the external partners.
  • In registration of the office.

Style of work
We aspire to adhere business, obligatory,
benevolent style of work, focused on Client.


125130 Moscow, Narvskay St,11 block 3
Tel+Fax: 450-25-29, 450-62-91, 450-63-91
e-mail: jdt@list.ru